Production and sale of nails in Montenegro
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Construction nails

Construction nails made of  lightly drawn steel wire, high quality. They are manufactured in our factory. They are available in different packages. Nails are used in all phases of work on the construction site and are an irreplaceable material in all major construction works. By purchasing quality nails you increase the efficiency of the workers on the construction site itself.



We produce construction nails with dimensions from 30 to 100 mm in length, namely:

  • head diameter Ø 1.8-3.5 mm - nail length from 30 to 80 mm
  • head diameter Ø 2.8-4.8 mm - nail length from 50 to 100 mm



Construction nails produced in our factory are supplied in three different packages:

  • Box 1 kg
  • Box 2.5 kg
  • Box 5 kg


Other technical characteristics

We produce nails from light-drawn wire

  • Tensile strength: 800 - 1200 N/mm2
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